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But fyi, this drama was popular last time , and I always like Lee Jin Wook's dramas no matter how old is it ;-) And yes,now I am waiting for Goodbye Mr. We are your true fans, Lee Jin Wook ssi...;-) Wish you good luck, take care and God bless! @Christina, you must watch Lee Jin Wook's drama Spy Myeong Wol, his character as CHOI RYU was so impressive and touched heart ;-) Also his old drama series Powerful Opponents was great too, but he acted as a rascal president's son there , but surely you would love his change of appearance much at the end of the story ;-) During these days so many rookie actor are appearing in these day i am falling with actor kwak si yang in we got marriage. Lee jin wook has the most cute and wonderful pupil among the korean actor. but after 14 episodes, I think its worthy of some of my tears :'( for Jin-Wook's sake....Kim so yeon said his pupil is so cute and nice for an actor. @Christina, I noticed he can move his left ear too, and I like to see that:-D He can act very well, he can portray every characters very perfectly, me and mom are idolize him a lot ;-) Wish him good luck in his acting carreer and star more and more dramas, we love you , Lee Jin Wook ssi......!!^_- Continuously watched all Jin-Wook's 3 dramas starting from Nine: nine times time INR2 before that....totally fell for this actor's charisma.Lee Jin Wook, we believe in you and trust you, We will be always there for you , do not let them ruin your life ! Keep that fighting, be healthy, calm down, and be happy, okay? We have faith on you, and do not believe those all nonsense. All casts were great in PO especially that lil actrees, very talented.Will pray for your name gets cleared , you are an amazing actor and I trust the light will come to you ... You made me fall in love with you when you acted as Mr. I like Lee Jin Wook with all types of hair style:) Many said his middle parted hairstyle in TTWWNIL looks not good on him but I love it much, makes him look very natural, easy going,and cute :-) I watched Ms.If you are agreeable, I'll let you know my address. I first got to know him when I watched Nine Times Time Travel in 2013.

We all live in 21st century , what you experience is the common thing that most of us ever face it , only you are a celebrity that makes people becoming more demanding on you to become what they desire to see. Will continue to pray for clear sky and renewal of confidence from all parties. When things are better at home, I'll come here again....hopefully in a week's time.fighting ! Fighting oppa Jin Wook!Do not forget that we will be missing you and your acting , oppa Jin Wook ... Congrats as you amazingly portrayed a perfect gentleman BLACK... Granny last year, I forgot promoting it to you :-) it is a good movie, touching story, and the main actrees is very talented one, I love all those songs sung by her at the movie especially when the song video clip showing her young life moments as a young mother taking care her little son without husband , I got teary eyed while watching this scene, and some scenes made me laughed out loud :-) Lee Jin Wook appeared not much in did not commit crime, you did not hurt anyone, please be healthy, safe and sound , that is how you should keep yourself well for us , we will just be happy if you are happy ... You really nailed it, I really can feel your emotions every time even when you happy or sad.. Granny but I always like his role as well :-) I am happy that you were glad watching Ms.As you said in Strong Heart to others, so it’s time to tell you: YOU ‘re LEE JIN WOOK! Lee Jin Wook, be optimistis! We are your international fans never leave you, we will and always support you ! We love you yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever! No one can destroy our love for you, Now maybe the hardest time in your life, and we feel that we love you more and more ... Please stay strong! Everythng will be allright in the future. Lee Jin Wook ssi, your hard work will not go down the drain. we all love you and give you BIG supports always ... you are just fine, OK?! We will always be by your side, Jin Wook ssi, life will be always has its difficult time, but we will always believing in you, you are a good actor, always fighting in this life, you know you can!!! Thanks so much for your pray for my baby search, Christina, thank you!We currently have found a very cute baby boy , we are about completing the procedures for adoption, thank God to let us being parents, hopefully we will be good parents for him.WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND NEVER LEAVE YOU, LEE JIN WOOK!!!!! As overseas fans, we can hardly do anything but to pray for you. May our good Lord bless you with wisdom and discernment when you socialise. hopefully you will be free soon and doing great job again like you always did ... God bless you ! Luv Lee Jin-Wook in 9 times time travel. Have you many kids? I will be waiting for your comment on Powerful Opponents page, the ending was open and I did not really get it:-) Ah yes, you must watch Goodbye Mr.

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