Dating recent referers

The $value argument may be a plain string or a reference to an array of strings for a multi-valued field. A multi-valued field will be returned as separate values in list context and will be concatenated with ", " as separator in scalar context.

The HTTP spec (RFC 2616) promises that joining multiple values in this way will not change the semantic of a header field, but in practice there are cases like old-style Netscape cookies (see HTTP:: Cookies) where "," is used as part of the syntax of a single field value.

A misspelling of "referrer" which somehow made it into the standard.

A given 's referer (sic) is the of whatever web page contains the link that the user followed to the current page.

The following code creates the cookie “URL” which can be called in PHP with The funny thing about setting and using these cookies is that you set the field with the value of “var=” (“URL=”, or “referrer=” for example) and then call them withotu the “=”!

The headers consist of attribute-value pairs also called fields, which may be repeated, and which are printed in a particular order. Instances of this class are usually created as member variables of the $value) pairs, which means that you can update several fields with a single invocation.

Note that the removal does not happen automatically if using the header(), push_header() or init_header() methods to set the referrer.

I wanted to track the entry page as well because I had another script assigning a variable of k_wcid (omniture) to any person who came into our site through google’s PPC (Pay Per Click) Adwords campaign.

This way we coudl track what site and keywords they came from with the referrer, and what page they landed on, which would also tell us if it was PPC or not.

The return value is the values of the fields removed.

In scalar context the number of fields removed is returned.

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