Dating the babysitter

Sometimes we cook up a special treat and eat it by candle light.It’s nice in this busy world to just sit, look at each other and talk.This is similar to #1 with two exceptions–it’s dark outside and you have the opportunity to make the dates last longer.Once again, you’ll want to have something prepared, make sure you have baby monitors in case you need to be with those kiddos right away, and it needs to be super close to your house.We have three safe areas: When the children are safely contained in these areas, we can have mini dates very close by. The kids are there, but they are so engrossed in doing their own thing, that we can go slow and hold hands if we want.What other dates can you think of that you don’t need a babysitter for?I personally think this is the best date for when the family has been sick. The key, really, is to make sure you and your husband are in the front seat–and no one else.

Other dates we have had during nap-time include walking laps around the corrals while holding hands, working out together, picking apples, and sometimes just weeding together or working in the greenhouse.If the baby monitor can’t pick them up, you’re too far away. We have a swing (that adjusts into a laying position) that we can swing on or lay a sleeping bag open on and the top comes off easily for prime viewing.In the spring and fall, we light the fire in the pit and sit on some very large logs we use as benches.If your kids don’t like the view, than an e Reader or hand-held game (on silent) can do wonders.If you live where there is a lot of traffic, this one probably won’t be so relaxing for you. Examples of these are apple-picking, cuddling by the fire-pit, painting or other out-door oriented tasks. “Not much of a date,” you may be saying to yourself. Our favorite take-along dates include going for hikes (where kids are on bikes, or falling asleep in a back-pack carrier), and snow-shoeing (same idea).

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