Dating with russian and ukrainian langru

Article X held that "Russian, being the language spoken by the majority of the population and the language acceptable for purposes of interethnic communication, shall be used in all spheres of public life." That included legal documents, court proceedings and public services.

Bill Bowring is a Britsh legal scholar who studied the language laws in Ukraine and visited Crimea with European monitors.

The agreement covers 13 minority languages in Ukraine, including Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Hebrew.

However, it is Russian that is Ukraine's largest "minority" language -- and the one that often provokes controversy.

Nearly half of Ukraine’s regions, 13 out of 27, made Russian a second official language.

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That day, the western city of Lviv, a center of Ukrainian nationalism, protested the repeal of the 2012 law and declared Russian.

Prague, 16 April 2004 (RFE/RL) -- Ukraine's broadcasting regulators this week (15 April) introduced a requirement making it mandatory for national television and radio broadcasters to use the Ukrainian language. Local broadcasts in other languages will only be allowed in areas with a significant ethnic-minority population.

Ukraine last year signed a European Union charter which obliges signatories to help preserve minority languages, including in the mass media.

We make no determination as to whether the parliament’s move triggered a call for aid from officials in Crimea.

But on the question of the official language, the statement omits significant context.

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