Disco dating

The impact of disco culture cannot be underestimated not just upon fashion, but also upon women’s psyches.

I would wager men hate disco pants, given any woman wearing them will refuse to eat, sit down or let him slide a hand around her waist (my waist in these pants feels like a much-mended bicycle inner tube).Unfortunately, at the sametime, I also went for my one and only interview at Vogue: I wore a very tight pair of black loons, and a huge white cobweb knit sweater to hide the overspill that was erupting in my tummy area. Despite the fantastic sales, the disco pant is not now a high fashion item, although Tom Ford’s autumn-winter 2013 collection was very disco indeed, with very tight, very black trousers that have a small zip at the ankle, presumably to let out steam.But nevertheless, ever the intrepid fashion guinea pig, I wear my pair to the announcement of the winner of the European leg of the Woolmark Award, once given to Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld in the Fifties, but which goes to Antwerp-based designer Christian Wijnants (I know — me neither).Why are these disco pants — available in purple, grey, red and Olivia Newton-John black — suddenly so in vogue?According to all the fashion bunnies I speak to at the Woolmark Awards in London on Thursday, it is because they have a high waist, which acts as a corset: the fat doesn’t bubble out until it reaches your bust, where it can be encased in your bra.

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