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The NIA in its earlier report has pointed to a “pattern” involving conversion to Islam and marriages in Kerala.

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Hadiya left for Delhi to appear before the Supreme Court on Monday in a case of alleged forced conversion.

Kubrick came to the film after a long-gestating project on the life of Napoleon project fell through (Steven Spielberg is now developing a Napoleon miniseries based on the Kubrick script), and the notoriously perfectionist director made “A Clockwork Orange” on a small budget in a matter of months.

Malcolm Mc Dowell, at his goggle-eyed, manic best, portrays Alex, the disaffected gang-leader with a penchant for ultra-violence who undergoes a brutal course of paternalistic correctional treatment.

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“The Breakfast Club” (1985)Earnest and irresistible, like the best John Hughes films, “The Breakfast Club” shows you a world you want to believe in, in spite of yourself.

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