Outlook 2016 imap inbox not updating

I have however heard that fix #2 below has worked for others, but I have not used this method to resolve this issue, since #1 has always worked for me.

If any of the two fixes resolved your missing inbox frustration on i Phone, let others with same issue know by leaving your feedback in the comments section below.

Using the UI, that setting is under File / Options / Trust Center / Trust Center Settings / Macro Settings / Developer Macro Settings - Thanks for the reply Jamie.

What I meant by the sentence you quoted is as follows: The users have no associated VBA project in outlook as their account have only just been created.

OTM file is successfully created in the "App Data\Microsoft\Outlook" directory - it just seems as if the project cannot be saved after editing.

We are still within our licence counts, but when we try to apply the VBA customisations to Outlook (again in exactly the same manner as the previous 50 ) Outlook comes back with an error stating that "The save failed.

The first thing that comes to your mind is that you may have accidentally deleted your whole inbox folder instead of an email.

But that is not the case, the inbox is still there in i Phone Mail application, just not showing, and don’t ask me why!

I then follow our standard process document to import the necessary objects (forms code etc.), and then digitally sign the project with our certificate.

This same process has been followed for all previous 50 accounts successfully.

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