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The sixth season saw Beaver fully entered into adolescence, with all the turmoil that that implies; he was no longer the cute little kid of the first few seasons.

Wally was growing into an admirable and very mature young man; but the floppy, flippant Wally of the earlier years was more endearing.

This song also features the next artiste to take the stage – tap dancer extraordinaire Sarah Reich, who wows the crowd right from the get-go; and goes on to feature in solo spots and cameo appearances throughout the evening. We are transported from 2012s Carly Rae Jepsen to 1978s Gloria Gaynor, as Sara Niemetz takes the stage to deliver the smash I Will Survive–transformed from disco to uptempo jazz with lots of rapid-fire bass work, and featuring a stunning clarinet solo by Chloe Feoranzo (the multi-talented Chloe will also sing for us before the night is out) and a dynamite crescendo to close the song. returns and welcomes (by contrast to the newbie) our veteran… role at this point, as the other two female vocalists join her on stage.

Postmodern Jukebox debutant and youngest member of the troupe Hannah Gill is up next and proceeds to unfurl Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” in a sultry, smouldering voice with some truly impressive powerhouse deeper tones, set to a down-tempo trad jazz arrangement. “she is the mother starship of singers that will sing any, house, down… And yep, Maiya lives up to her billing as she fair belts out a big-band rendition of Sam Smith’s “I Know Im Not The Only One” which awes with high highs and low lows in a series of runs and scales that are awesome to behold. We are entertained by quips about NZ (this being Maiya’s fourth visit, whilst it’s a first for the others) that include mentions of the Flight of the Conchords, the All Blacks, and all the burly “THANKya Jesus fine” men.

To make matters even worse, Wally forgets his wallet!

This is a very strong episode with a warm, wonderful sequence at the restaurant.

This mention serves as a segue into *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” which breaks down to include solo vocals from Maiya, and also features some pretty niftily choreographed moves from all three ladies. We are taken (over a full 2 hours) on a musical journey that spans time and genres to deliver dizzying, virtuoso performances by all members of this troupe of artistes.

An array of swing-dance, Charleston-like and other bygone-era period-costumes can be spied amongst the crowd.See more » LEAVE IT TO BEAVER's sixth and final season opened promisingly with "Wally's Dinner Date." Wally is taking the charming and vivacious Julie Foster to dinner at The White Fox.Unfortunately, neither of them realizes that it is the most expensive place in town.This is quite befitting an event whose musical genres, and indeed source material, will span several decades of jazz and pop variations, respectively.Suddenly, 10 or so minutes after the scheduled kick-off, the entire (and now jam-packed) house bursts into raucous and rapturous applause as the band takes the stage.

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