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A tip from a worker at a recycling company lead police to the person suspected of a cemetery theft.47 – year old Robert Kondash of Mc Adoo is accused of stealing brass vases from Mount Laurel Memorial Park cemetery outside Hazleton last month.On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office along with the Department of Environmental Protection were looking into it.State agents were dressed in white hazmat suits as they used a search warrant to look into a garage on the site along South Main Street.27 – year old Anthony Dupak is accused of raping an 11-year-old girl last month.The child’s mother also faces charges because she thought the girl was lying and continued to have contact with the man in spite of a protection order.In this part of my video game tutorial I will continue making Zelda.

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I’ll also cover a new way to animate Link’s sword from inside of code. Clojure is a functional programming language based on Lisp that runs on the JVM.

In an interview for this Sunday's public affairs show... Bower and the council people elected November 7Listen up, daily drawing lottery games players... Two numbers-game lottery tickets, worth 50-thousand dollars each and sold in January, are set to expire as the one-year anniversary of their drawings approaches next month.

One is a PICK 5 evening drawing ticket sold at Turkey Hill Minit Mart in Nanticoke for the January 12th drawing.

Every once in a while I take a deep breath and reorganize my whole site.

I never would have imagined that in 3 years I would have created over 700 articles and 500 videos. I’ve added a new category for just Word Press Theme Development since I’ve...

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