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* The alleged incident with Chariton occurred at a hotel in Flint, Michigan, in May.

There were four people in the hotel room—Chariton, Hammond, Chelsea Lyons, one of Chariton’s close friends and an activist, and Ty Bayliss, a cameraman who worked with Chariton on his reports for the Young Turks.

The statistics are the statistics, and it’s rare when false allegation is made.” It seems the more critical issue is the zeal for destroying a person so Chariton could never work in media anymore because he allegedly engaged in criminal sexual conduct.

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Throughout it all, I tried to keep the group focused and keep the story Carly wanted to tell succinct.She celebrated a news story in the hotel room and drank beer and had sex with multiple individuals.She went to New York weeks after the alleged sexual assault and stayed with Chariton. However, she left New York very angry at Chariton, and by June, she did not want to speak to Chariton anymore.Cause 55,000 people accused him and came out about it,” and added, “We have to have at least 5 people.” Chiakulas replied, “With [George] Takei it only took 1.” But it is also possible the accuser, a former Truth Against the Machine (TATM) employee, was uncertain her story would be believed if she was the only person alleging misconduct.“We know that Jordan is a public figure with a large following of ardent supporters,” Hammond said in a statement provided to Shadowproof.

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