Updating country kitchen bethenny frankel dating 2016

Our kitchen is like so many – it’s filled with 80’s oak cabinets, okay, veneer cabinets and soffits, which make the room appear smaller.It’s dark, with only one small window above the sink and the brown countertops leave a lot to be desired.You had to have 2 to make all of the pies she knocked out!Much like Martha’s, the kitchen boasted a pot rack filled to the brim and pretty copper bundts hung on the walls, doubling as decor – even if unintentional.Key elements like copper outshine the countertops and make it feel more classic. According to Zillow, major and mid-range kitchen remodels only return 50 cents for every dollar you spend.Painting, of course, is always an option but here's another: .Unlike paint, liming cabinets (using something like this liming wax from Briwax) lets some of the wood grain show through but tones down the honey color you see on so much '80s oak cabinetry.

Behind many computer screens are hopes and dreams, even my own, but it’s not always a reality.When our chrome Kitchen Aid mixer met the end in spring, I replaced it with a copper Kitchen Aid stand mixer.I was torn between cream and copper, but I knew in the end copper would add a little decorative element in our humble kitchen.It made the kitchen instantly appear larger and fresher.If we had used a cool tone paint color, it would have immediately made the cabinets feel out of place.

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